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Please note that songs to Ganesh and to Lakshmi to enliven abundance as recited by Dr. Henry Herzberger are at the bottom of the trends. See Below:



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Personal Jyotish readings are available by Dr. Herzberger to address specific issues in a person's Vedic Chart, with opportunity to balance planetary energies through yagyas (Vedic ceremonies) that he performs.

Monica, Intuitive Readings and Astrology, is also available to do intuitive readings. Monica has helped people with her direct clarity of spiritual insight. She is skilled in pinpointing the nature of specific times. You might enjoy reading her Lunar Calendar for the month here

If you have any questions, you can contact us here.


(Times are for Arizona. Pacific time now is same as Arizona, Mountain time is one hour later than Arizona, Central time is two hours later and Eastern time is three hours later ). 

Lunar high points (affects emotions positively):

Full Moon in Libra : May 18 from 2:39 AM until May 18 at 2:10 PM

Preview: Moon will be exalted position in Taurus June 1 from 6:14 PM till June 3 11:09 PM.
In this position Moon will be aspected by Jupiter in Scorpio giving rise to more cheerful tendency in emotions.

Moon in own sign of Cancer May 9 from 8:06 PM till May 11at 11:24 PM

New Moon in Aquarius : May 5 from 6:36 AM until May 6 at 9:03 AM

Subdued/ neecha Moon in Scorpio: May 18 from 8 AM till May 20 at 1:59 PM. In this position Moon is conjunct Jupiter lending a tendency for interest in inner wisdom.

Moon in Gemini from May 7 from 3:45 PM until May 9 at 8:06 PM. In this position Moon is aspected by Saturnand conjunct Rahu. This lends Vata or anxious tendency to emotions.

Moon in Virgo May 14 from 1:58 AM until May 16 at 4:27 AM. In this position the Moon is aspected by Saturn bringing Vata or anxious tendency for the emotions and mind.

Moon in Sagittarius constellation from May 20 from 1:59 PM until May 22 at 11:14 PM. In this position Moon is conjunct Ketu and Saturn. This lends inward Vata or anxious tendency to emotions. Mars also aspects the Moon here so it lends some influence of intensity to mind and emotion.

Moon in Aquarius constellation from May 25 from 11:13 AM until May 27 at 11:48 PM. In this position Saturn and Rahu aspect Moon― this lends some intensity to the emotions with an anxious tendency.

I. DAYS OF SHIVA  for Transcendence, Deep Meditation & Prayer:
May 16 from 5:34 PM until May 17 at 3:40 PM

II. DAYS OF SKANDA (ARCHANGEL MICHAEL)―for Victory and energy to overcome negativity:
May 9 from 10:56 AM until May 10 at 9:11 AM
May 23 from 3:48 PM until May 24 at 5:55 AM

III. DAYS OF GANESH for removing obstacles and success in action:
May 7 from 1:46 PM until May 8 at 11:28 PM
May 21 from 1:10 PM until May 22 at 2:10 PM

IV. DAYS OF VISHNU for harmony, balance, dharma and good relationships:
May 14 from 12:29 AM until May 14 at 10:05 PM
May 29 from 2:50 AM until May 30 at 4:07 AM

V. DAYS OF DURGA (Mother Divine) for removing difficulties and overcoming fear:
May 12 from 11:11 PM until 2:50 AM on May 13
May 26 from 10:45 PM until 1:09 AM May 28

Sankranti: Points of Transcendence when planets switch constellations:

Sun will move into Taurus constellation May 14 at 10:30 pm and stays there till June 15 at 5:10 AM. This shifts the National and individual focus to stabilizing and developing new creative including artistic projects. This will especially affect people with Taurus, Scorpio, and Leo rising signs (or Sun/Moon in these signs). Leadership on every level should trend towards strengthening finance based goals. 

Mars stays in Gemini constellation the whole month. This means for the world and individual greater energy for the growth and maintenance of communication and expression. Issues around communication networks such as internet may continue being intense because of Mars, as well as Rahu being conjunct with it in the sign of Gemini. For Sagittarius, Gemini, Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer rising signs (or Sun or Moon in these signs) it could bring tendency for more intensity in relationships. 

Mercury moves into Taurus constellation May 18 at 11:05 AM till June 1 when in moves into Gemini constellation at 11:50 AM, thereby enhancing communications. When Mercury moves into Taurus it will conjoin the Sun. Mercury being in Taurus also promotes creating more solid sponsorship for communication technologies such as computers, as well as for structuring protocols for maintaining existing systems. This position of Mercury in May particularly affects people with Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini and Virgo ascendents (or Moon/Sun in signs). 

Venus stays into the Pisces constellation till 10:50 PM June 3. Venus in Pisces continues the artistic energy of Venus in the direction of harmony and spirituality. This particularly influences people with Pisces, Virgo, Libra and Taurus Rising signs (or Moon/Sun in these signs). As Venus is exalted in Pisces this should create a positive influence for the world. It should favor more balance in relationship, finances and comforts. 

Rahu stays in Gemini constellation till Sep. 23, 2020. This brings expansion energy to communication and communication systems. It favors exploring new technologies of communication. This transit may bring tendency for wanting greater freedom and independence in relationships for Sagittarius rising sogns (or Moon/ Sun i. This constellation). This transit may affect people more with Sagittarius and Gemini Rising signs (or Sun/Moon in these signs).

Ketu stays in Sagittarius constellation till Sep. 23, 2020. It brings in a tendency of spiritual transcendence to spiritual activities of teaching or law. For people with Gemini rising signs (or Sun/Moon in this sign) it can bring a letting go of attachment in relationship, and faster turnover in meeting new people. This position of Ketu may be felt more by people with Sagittarius and Gemini Rising signs (or Sun/Moon in these signs). 



Jupiter stays in Scorpio constellation where it reveals deep inner knowledge for transforming and healing. This month it is retrograde indicating need to revisit deep knowledge and hidden legal issues. Jupiter in Scorpio may be felt more by people with Scorpio rising signs or Sun/ Moon in Scorpio.

Saturn is in the Sagittarius constellation and will stay there this year. In Sagittarius Saturn represents purification of dharma or higher purpose. This position will affect more profoundly people with Sagittarius, Gemini, Capricorn and Aquarius rising signs (or Sun/Moon in these signs). For Sagittarius and Gemini rising signs (or Sun/ Moon in these signs it may be bringing more focus on personal needs as well as attention on relationship/ marriage. For the USA it represents purification of the basis of the nation, including government and all aspects of business and homeland. 


SPECIAL VEDIC HOLIDAYS (as per Arizona /Pacific time-- times in May may differ in India as they there is a time zone difference. Please note also Vedic Holidays were based on Lunar days, not Solar days):


KALA BHAIRAVA: May 11 from 5:33 AM until May 12 at 5:06 AM as well as May 25 from 8:19 PM until May 26 at 10:45 PM (8th Lunar day each month) celebrates the appearance of Kala Bhairava, a special aspect of Lord Shiva who appeared and cut of the fifth head of the Creator Brahma, leaving 4 heads facing different directions.

The real symbolism of this is that Creation has four directions but the fifth direction is the Transcendental Pure Consciousness which belongs to Shiva ( Almighty God as Supreme Silence). On this day it is traditionalfor Shiva devotees to stay up all night in vigil and make offerings to Bhairava and Parvati ( The Divine Feminine aspect of Almighty God) and also offer libations and oblations to their departed ancestors. Dogs are also offered treats as offerings.

SHANI PRADOSHA falls on the thirteenth lunar day in both the bright half and dark half of the Lunar cycle. This month Shani Pradosha is celebrated May 15 from 7:45 PM until May 16 at 5:34 PM as well as May 31 from 4:46 AM through next day (June 1).

Fasting and worship of Shiva on Shani Pradosh brings freedom from restrictions, removal of obstacles and troubles, and moksha or Enlightenment. Traditionally in the Vedic Tradition one takes a vow (vrata) to do 11 or 26 such Shani Pradosh worships.



May 14 is known as Mohini Ekadashi. It is day Holy to Lord Vishnu (Omnipresence of God as Love). It is traditional to fast on such day, and it is said that doing the fast with worship of Lord Vishnu will free one from all sin and illusion. The story about the value of this fast is recounted in the Surya Purana ( See Vishnu times this month).

May 29 is known as Apara Ekadashi―a day Holy to Lord Vishnu (Omnipresence of God as Love). It is traditional to fast on this day, and it is said in the Vedic texts that even just reading about Vishnu and hearing about this day will free one from the most heinous sins. 

In general Ekadashis commemorates the day Lord Vishnu (God as Omnipresent Love) destroyed the demon Mura (Hence Vishnu is known as Murari). It was the female power or Shakti of Lord Vishnu that appeared to destroy the demon. Because the Shakti emerged on the 11 th Lunar day She was called Ekadashi. The Shakti in the narration of the story asked Lord Vishnu to grant the boon that whosoever worships Vishnu (and his Shakti) on the 11th Lunar day, be granted freedom from sin.



May 8 is Vinayaka Chaturthi-- celebrated to honor Ganesha (the Supreme in form of Cosmic frequencies of Creation, sitting at door or junction point between Absolute and Relative). It is a special day where one can honor Ganesha and ask for Blessings for removal of problems, resistances and obstacles. (See Ganesha times above).

May 8 also marks the birthday of the great Vishnu Saint Ramanuja, born in South India. He revived the angle of Bhakti or devotional love for God, and also wrote a commentary on the Vedanta Sutras from the perspective of a devotee. He was a strong influence on the Bhakti movements in the 12th century AD to the present.

May 9 Shankara Jayanti celebrated as the birth of the great Shiva Saint Adi Shankara, the Perfected teacher who revived the knowledge of Enlightenment in India about 500 BC (according to actual monastic records). It was Shankara who established the four seats of Wisdom, the Shankaracharya spiritual Monasteries or Maths of East, West, North and South India. He also wrote commentaries on the Brahma Sutras and Upanishads from the standpoint of Oneness. Shankara also created the most sublime poems of devotion to God in all His/Her aspects.

May 9 is also celebrated in India as the birth of great poet Rabindrath Tagore who live late 19th and early 20th century. He became the first non-European to win the Nobel prize in Literature, and is considered to be a strong factor in introducing Indian culture to the West.

May 11 Bagalamukhi Jayanti. Bagalamukhi represents one of the 10 Mahavidyas or aspects of Maha-Kali, Mother Time. Bagalamukhi in Vedic astrology also represents Mars energy. One can honor Her to increase dynamism.

May 12 is Sita Navami day Holy to Sita wife of Avatar Lord Rama. Lord Rama is the Solar Avatar of India, and His birth and life represent the cycle of Sun from the darkness of winter to the full sunshine of summer, the triumph of Light of God over the darkness of ignorance.

This day also is known as Sita Jayanti or birthday of Sita, adopted daughter of The great Vedic King Janaki (Hence Sita's name is also known as Janaki). She was found as a baby when they were ploughing the earth. She is said to be the daughter of the earth. Sita is considered to be the embodiment of love, faithfulness to husband, and represents Lakshmi (The Supreme as Mother Nature in the form of Good Fortune). In India married women fast on this day and pray for the longevity of their husbands. In general this is a good day for remembering one's spouse and the love and commitment that brought you together.

May 15 is Parashurama Dwadashi a day of fasting dedicated to Parashurama. Parashurama was the Avatar of Vishnu whose role was to exterminate the warrior class on this planet at a time when they were unrighteous. Parashurama is considered to be one of eight immortals of India ( others including Hanuman, Ashwattama, etc.). It is said that King Dasaratha fasted on this day giving him the boons of having sons including Lord Rama.

May 16 Narasimha Jayanti celebrates the birth of the Man-Lion Avatar of Vishnu (God as Love). Narasimha brought an end to the negative energies afflicting this planet long ago. This is a good day to clear negativities from one's life. Narasimha in Jyotish also represents Mars energy which brings dynamism when honored.

May 16 is also Chinnamasta Jayanti. Chinnamasta represents one of the 10 aspects of Maha-Kali, in jyotish specifically the planetary energy of Rahu, the North Mode of the Moon. Therefore one can honor Chinnamasta to bring greater freedom of expansion in one’s life. 

May 17 Kurma Jayanti celebrates the birth of the Turtle Avatar. Long ago at the dawn of creation the devas (positive forces) and asuras (negative forces were starting to churn the Ocean of consciousness together. They needed a fulcrum or steady base for doing this. It is said that Lord Vishnu (God as Love) incarnated in the solid form of a giant turtle in order to make it possible to have stability to churn the ocean of consciousness. The result of the churning was that all the laws of nature as well as creation emerged.

May 18 Buddha Purnimah celebration of Lord Buddha's birth, Enlightenment and death. Lord Buddha was Prince Gautama of Nepal. He left his palace as a young man to find Enlightenment. He taught the Middle Way to higher consciousness, one based on balance rather than austerity. His teachings gave rise to the religion of Buddhism.

May 19 Narada Jayanti celbrates the birth of the great Celestial Sage Narada great devotee of Vishnu. Narada through the Grace of God as Vishnu ( omnipresent Love) became a celestial Sage. Shri Narada is messenger between celestial realms, possessing vast wisdom of all areas of life. In fact Devarishi Narada possesses knowledge of all arts and sciences including Jyotish. As a musician Shri Narada constantly sings the praise of God (Vishnu= omnipresence of Love). His role is similar to that of Hermes in ancient Greek Religion. 

May 28 is Hanuman Jayanti as celebrated in Telugu speaking areas of India. Hanuman Jayanti marks the birth of the Rudra Avatar in the form of the monkey Deva--Hanuman, the greatest devotee of Lord Ram. Hanuman also represents invincible Mars energy for Victory over negativity. About 2 million years ago Hanuman almost single handedly helped Lord Ram win a decisive battle over Ravanna, king of Shri Lanka. Ravanna had kidnapped Sita, Ram's wife. Hanuman was instrumental in finding Sita so Lord Ram could save her. When Lord Ram ascended He asked Hanuman to stay behind and guard over humanity. Hanuman is one of 8 immortals that are still alive somewhere in India.


Wishing everyone a Wonderful Year 2019 through Growth, Success and Fulfillment! Happy Holidays to everyone... may you be blessed with lots of fun, love and lots of gifts both spiritual and material!

And may this Year of 2019 bring perfection in your goals!

Please note: Personal Jyotish readings are available by Dr. Herzberger to address specific issues i n a person's Vedic Chart, with opportunity to balance planetary energies through yagyas (Vedic ceremonies) that he performs.

Dr. Herzberger also has a team of some of the finest pundits of India (a number of whom are professors emeritus of yagya and Jyotish at Varanasi, India) that have chosen to work with him as per very specific yagya instructions. Upon request he also has done yagyas in synergy with his team.

Monica, Intuitive Readings and Astrology, is also available to do intuitive readings. Monica has helped people with her direct clarity of spiritual insight. She is skilled in pinpointing the nature of specific times. You might enjoy reading her Lunar Calendar for the month on her and Dr. Herzberger's website.

Dr. Herzberger's website is You can also read about yagya and Jyotish on this website. You can also read the Jyotish Trends for each month here.

Copyright 2019 Henry G. Herzberger. All rights reserved.







(Varada means "Boon Giving"/ Ganapati means Lord of Divine Energies, a name of the Divine Being as Ganesha, Lord of the Cosmic Hum)

SHUKRA MANTRA FOR VENUS-- to improve relationships and bring material comforts.

Copyright 2018 Sound files as recited by Dr. Henry Herzberger

AUM is the Cosmic frequency of Creation ----the Nature of Ganesha SHRIM is the Glory of Creation, the Radiance of Divine Light which brings Prosperity HRIM is the Divine Vibration of the Heart which evokes the deepest value of Love in the Heart KLIM is the gathering together of the Wish in the Heart for Manifesting the object of Desire GLAUM is the Energy of congealing desire in terms of Ganesh Consciousness GAM is the vibration of Lord Ganesh----the Supreme Consciousness at the junction point between Absolute and Relative GANAPATAYE is honoring Ganapati which means the Lord of the Cosmic Vibrations VARA VARADA is appreciating Ganesha as the giver of All Boons SARVA JANAM is asking Ganesha to bring ability to have influence over all things ME VASHAMANAYA is asking Ganesh to grant oneself (ME) ability to have Mastership SVAAHAA means I offer my breath, my small self, to the big Self which is represented by Lord Ganesha
So the whole mantra means:
" AUM (I enliven in myself) the Divine Radiance/Light of Life, the Divine Vibration of Love in the Heart, the deepest desire of my Heart, Gathering my intention in terms of Thee Oh Ganesha, Sending forth the Energy of Manifestation (Gam), O Lord Ganapati (Father of the Divine Energies, the Angelic Forces) I offer my life breath to Thee the Self----may You grant me the Boon of Boons of having Mastership over All (phases of my life inner and outer). "
Copyright 2015 Henry G. Herzberger

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