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Special Bulletin: A special announcement: Please note that songs to Ganesh and to Lakshmi to enliven abundance as recited by Dr. Henry Herzberger are at the bottom of the trends. See Below:

JYOTISH TRENDS : October 2022

Please note: Recently after a month long intensive investigation into the true scientific origins of Vedic astrology in the process reviewing ancient Vedic texts including Vedas, Puranas and Jyotish astrology texts in original language of Sanskrit, as well as history of calendars and astrology in Sumeria, Egypt, Greece (including Greek text of Ptolemy and Hellenistic astrology) as well as European and modern astrology—following also 29 years of practice of Vedic Astrology, I came to realization that there is a need to revise the reference point used in calculating charts so they correspond to the True Kala Purusha, Nature’s chart.

This new reference was based on the Vedic 30 day Lunar cycles as well as circular path of the Sun above and below equator starting at Spring equinox as described astrologically in the Vishnu Purana and other Vedic texts. It involves the Kendras or 4 points of the Kala Purusha Chart —the two equinoxes (Spring and Fall) as well as high point and low point below the equator known as Summer and Winter solstice.

From all the evidence I have seen, there is absolutely no doubt that the structure of Vedic astrology was based on the Sayana or Solar energy reference point using 30 day month of increasing/ decreasing Lunar cycle, and that the terminology and meaning of all the signs and planets and stars in Jyotish was formalized in astrological texts East and West during the time of the Greco-Roman empire around 2000 years ago—which enabled sharing of knowledge between India, Middle East, Egypt and Greece.

At that time the constellations were used as reference points for the Lunar-Solar cycle. Howeverat that time period they were in different positions than today. Nevertheless, the terms making use of constellation names such as “Aries”, “Taurus” etc., dating back from the 2000 years ago became standard terminology for certain Cosmic Energy positions.

For the correct meaning of the energetics of astrology and therfore to have valid results, one has to use the Adjusted Equinox-Solstice reference point of calculation of present times. As is prevalent now, without adjustment, Vedic rituals and season celebrations are off by almost one month.

So for example, Uttar Ayana, the point at which Sun is lowest below the Equator about to move upward is now celebrated in SE Asia in mid January instead of Dec. 21 at Winter solstice. Similarly, the position for Spring Equinox is celebrated mid April instead of more correct time of March 21 as for example Shrimad Bhagavatam and Vishnu Purana state.

If this discrepancy is not adjusted for, then eventually peak Winter will be celebrated in beginning of Spring, which is not what the Rishis/ Sages of astrology intended. This is important to correct as Vedic astrology actually is based on real scientific observation and sound logic. This correction has huge implications for the effectiveness of astrological chart analysis and compatibilities.

Therefore the planetary positions and their energetics in this month’s Jyotish trends will reflect the adjusted Kala Purusha Natural chart of Energetics. I will still use the old terms “Aries”, “Taurus” etc. to signify the energetics of the planetary positions, even though at present this is outmoded as far as astronomical positions of the constellations bearing those names.

This should lead to more precise descriptions of how the planetary positions influence our planet and society. (Already some major research on this was dine by the Max Planck Institute in Germany in early 20th century, as well as by chief engineer John Nelson at RC in the 1950’s. In addition one of the pioneers of Psychology, Carl Jung investigated astrology and made use of it for all his patients, and confirmed it was effective stating it demonstrated psychological and other factors were connected causally to planetary energy rather than it being simple synchronicity).

As time allows, I hope to write a book on this regarding Vedic astrology which will discusses the true scientific structure Jyotish/astrology is based on in more detail from the ancient Vedic texts to modern times.




(Times are for Arizona (AZ)―Pacific time is now same as AZ; Mountain time is one hour later than AZ; Central time is 2 hours ahead of AZ: Eastern time is 3 hours ahead of AZ.)

Lunar high points (affects emotions positively):

Full Moon in Aries on October 8 from 3:11 PM until October 9 at 1:54 PM.
Please note even though Moon is Full, Saturn aspects it so this can feel like some anxious /vata energy influence also.

Exalted Moon in Taurus ― October 11 through the 13th. In this position Moon is conjunct Rahu which lends a restlessness to the emotions and thinking demanding greater freedom. This will especially affect people with Taurus rising sign.

Moon in Cancer (its own sign) from October 16 through the 18th.
In this position Moon is also aspected by Ketu. This lends inner intensity to emotions and thinking, even though Moon in own sign gives emotional strength at same time. This will affect Cancer rising signs especially.


Lunar low points (emotions are more sensitive):

New Moon in Libra: October 24 from 4:57 AM until October 25 at 6:44 AM. Even though this is a New Moon time which implies emotional sensitivity, the sign Libra lends a refined harmonious influence to emotions and thinking.

Subdued / neecha Moon in Scorpio on October 26 until October 28.
In this position the Moon is aspected by Saturn and conjunct Ketu which may lend a more inward anxious tendency to the mind.

Additional Days of potential intensity:

Moon in Gemini October 14 through the 16th. In this position moon is conjunct Mars which may intensify emotions and thinking.

Moon in Virgo occurs October 21-23. At this time Moon will be aspected by Mars and Rahu which may lend a restless intense tendency to mind and emotions.

Preview next month: Moon in Aquarius occurs November 1-3. In this position the Moon is conjunct with Saturn. This brings the possibility of a tendency for anxious (vata) energy.



I. DAYS OF GAURI (3rd Lunar Day) ― Gauri as Divine Energy of Shiva, the Transcendent― For finding a partner, harmony in relationship and marriage:
October 11 from 12:59 PM until October 12 at 1:29 PM
October 27 from 12:15 AM until October 27 at 10:03 PM

II. DAYS OF GANESH (4th Lunar Day)―for removing obstacles and success in action:
October 12 from 1:29 PM until October 13 at 2:38 PM
October 27 from 10:03 PM until October 28 at 7:43 PM

III. DAYS OF SKANDA /ARCHANGEL MICHAEL ((6th Lunar Day) ― for Victory and energy to overcome negativity :
October 14 from 4:22 PM until October 14 at 6:33 PM
October 29 from 5:19 PM until October 30 at 2:57 PM

IV. DAYS OF DURGA (9th Lunar Day): Mother Nature remover of duress ―for removing difficulties and overcoming fear:
October 17 from 11:27 PM until October 18 at 1:43 AM
Preview: November 1 from 10:34 AM until November 2 at 8:39 AM

V. DAYS OF VISHNU (11th Lunar day) ―for harmony, balance, dharma and good relationships:
October 20 from 3:34 AM until October 21 at 4:52 AM
Preview: November 3 from 7 AM until November 4 at 5:38 AM

VI. DAYS OF SHIVA (14th Lunar day) ― for Transcendence, Deep Meditation & Prayer:
October 7 from 4:54 PM until October 8 at 3:11 PM
October 23 from 5:33 AM until October 24 at 4:57 AM



Sun moves to Scorpio Sign (term for Scorpio energy rather than Constellation) on October 23 and stays there until Nov. 23. This shifts the National and individual focus to self inquiry— searching and researching for better answers to heal basic issues. This will especially affect people with Leo, Taurus or Scorpio rising signs (or Sun/Moon in these signs). In this position the Sun is no longer in neecha (most inward) position. So matters of leadership in large organizations should improve.

Mars stays in Gemini Sign the whole month. This means for the world and individual it favors greater intensity and energy for need to maintain more open lines of communication and expression. Issues around communication both in individual life, society, in the nation as well as internationally—may continue being intense because of this position of Mars in Gemini.

For Sagittarius, Gemini and Taurus rising signs (or Sun or Moon in these signs) it could bring more intensity in relationships. However, the personal energy of Mars for those with Scorpio or Aries rising signs will be tempered with the intellectual balance of Mercury.

An important point is that on Dec. 8 Mars is in closest approach to Earth. In years of close Mars approaches to this planet the disturbance in the electric field of earth can be felt as increased intensity associated with increased conflict and even in increased chance of forest fires.

We saw this also in 2020 for example with riots and fires. Hence it is not surprising that this year as Earth started to approach Mars a major war started in the Ukraine and there has been much conflict in politics and elsewhere. Fortunately this influence is not permanent and by Spring 2023 will be much less felt.

(While this Mars influence lasts, we need to counteract this influence in our personal life by taking good care of our mental and physical health, as well as our spiritual needs through meditation and prayer especially.)

Mercury moves into Libra Sign on October 11 and stays there till October 30 when it goes into Scorpio Sign. Mercury being in Libra may help harmonize communication for improved relationships both on individual as well as societal level. This position of Mercury in October particularly affects people with Libra, Gemini and Virgo ascendents (or Moon/Sun in these signs).

Eventually, Mercury moves into Scorpio Sign on October 30. In this position it will emphasize use of intellect for solving problems through research into inner knowledge which could also involve rethinking the same issues. There may be knowledge and research based, communication systems based discoveries which occur at this time. This position of Mercury may affect more people with Gemini, Virgo and Scorpio rising signs (or Moon/Sun in Scorpio).

Venus moves into Scorpio Sign on October 24 and stays there till Nov. 17. In this position relationships may tend to be more private, soul searching and intense. Artistic endeavors may focus more on passion and mystical or spiritual themes. This position of Venus will have more of an influence on people who are Libra, Taurus, and Scorpio rising (or Sun/ Moon in these signs)

Rahu stays in Taurus Sign till July 18, 2023. This position of Rahu is its exaltation position, the most powerful position for Rahu to be in. In Taurus, this position of Rahu favors expansion in terms of family values, material values, and enjoying beauty and harmony. Rahu deals with enjoyment and sensual side of life, so this is a good time to appreciate what one has and enjoy life in spite of the outer world challenges.

For the United States and United Kingdom especially this favors opening up to new values with renewed purpose in innovative ways. It brings in for the world the need for new ways of doing things to help bring material prosperity and greater comfort for everyone. This transit affects especially people with Taurus and Scorpio Rising signs (or Sun/Moon in these signs).

Ketu on the other hand, stays in Scorpio constellation till July 18, 2023. This transit in October affects people especially with Scorpio and Taurus Rising signs (or Sun/Moon in these signs).

For Scorpio Rising signs (or Sun/Moon in these signs), Ketu brings in deeper sense of Being. (Rahu at same time being in 7th house of relationship brings need for more flexibility and space in relationships).

For Taurus Rising signs (or Sun/Moon in these signs) it means going deeper spiritually in relationship, but with less attachments as Ketu will also be in sign of relationship for them.

For the world, USA and United Kingdom Ketu also brings need for partnerships based on fundamental deep shared values and principles, while developing a more varied relationship between nations, letting go of former attachments —a relationship where countries become more self sufficient and yet cooperate together as a larger group.



Jupiter symbol of law, banking and financial institutions will move into constellation Pisces constellation on October 29. This brings in high spiritual energy for meditation, teaching and in general better fortune and prosperity.

Hopefully during this time of high spiritual energized Jupiter, law makers will make wise decisions and try to keep things in balance. During this period, the emphasis with Jupiter in Pisces is to make laws and legal decisions to bring out higher knowledge in favor of promoting spiritual teachings and universal principles of justice for betterment of mankind. Also educational institutions may be revamped and gain renewed spiritual new energy.

(Presently Jupiter having been retrograde in the warlike position of Aries Sign for the last so many months, has fostered more intensity in legal battles and rehashing or rethinking of previous legal and financial issues both individually, nationally, and internationally. While Jupiter is retrograde it slows down forward progress. In these areas, but at the same asks for decisions in law and finance to be reevaluated/ reworked.

Saturn is now in the the Aquarius constellation till March 8, 2023 when it moves into the spiritual Sign of Pisces. Being in Aquarius sign Saturn gives the momentum to enhance cooperation among individuals, society and the world for mutual survival and betterment. This position of Saturn will especially affect individuals (and countries) with Aquarius, Capricorn and Leo rising (Or Sun / Moon in these positions).

For the USA and United Kingdom chart this influence of Saturn in Aquarius will continue purifying their economies as well as purify existing relationships as well as promote long lasting new relationships with other countries.

During the Saturn period in Aquarius Sign the tendency will be to seek latest modern scientific resolutions for national and international problems.



In regards to the Ukrainian war, for both Russia and the Ukraine, in addition to the close approach of the planet Mars to Earth previously discussed, the present Saturn transit is related to the height of their Sade Sate, a most difficult time when Saturn crosses the natal position of Moon in these countries’ astrological charts.

This Saturn transit intensely purifies thinking and emotions of the two countries. It is a time when the karmas/actions of the past 30 years and even centuries of parental karma (Ukraine as original parent of old Russia) are being resolved.

In the latter stages of this Sade Sate process which will be starting Spring 2023 for the following two and a half years —it signifies a major transformation and resolution of old negative patterns of thinking and behavior. After this Sade Sate period we can see astrologically the opportunity to have a restructuring/ rebirth of the two countries in terms of new commitments and policies.

We all pray and hope that the present Ukrainian war and other conflicts get resolved soon so peace can be reestablished. The world community has too many other challenges which need immediate cooperative attention —rather than allow countries to waste lives, energy and resources on such cruel activities of war.

The need now is to help each other as a world community in order to improve everyone’s standard of living and health, alleviating poverty, and bringing abundance, education and better environment to all peoples and this planet.

We can do all this without taking recourse to violence and destruction. Wars and the suffering and destruction they bring are in direct opposition to what is needed at this point in our personal and planetary evolution.



MONTHLY KALA BHAIRAVA DAY : October 16 from 8:59 PM until October 17 at 11:27 PM together with October 31 from 12:41 PM until November 1 at 10:34 AM― this 8th Lunar day this month celebrates the birth and appearance of Kala Bhairava, a special aspect of Lord Shiva who appeared and cut of the fifth head of the Creator Brahma, leaving 4 heads facing different directions.

The real symbolism of this is that Creation has four directions but the fifth direction is the Transcendental Pure Consciousness which belongs to Shiva (Almighty God as Supreme Silence). On this day it is traditionalfor Shiva devotees to stay up all night in vigil and make offerings to Bhairava and Parvati ( The Divine Feminine aspect of Almighty God) and also offer libations and oblations to their departed ancestors. Dogs are also offered treats as offerings.

SHANI PRADOSHA falls on the thirteenth lunar day in both the bright half and dark half of the Lunar cycle. This month Shani Pradosha is celebrated October 6 from 6:56 PM until October 7 at 4:54 PM, as well as October 22 at 5:32 AM until October 23.

(Preview: Shani Pradosha next month is November 5 from 4:36 AM until November 6 at 3:58 AM.)

Fasting and worship of Shiva on Shani Pradosh brings freedom from restrictions, removal of obstacles and troubles, and moksha or Enlightenment. Traditionally in the Vedic Tradition one takes a vow (vrata) to do 11 or 26 such Shani Pradosh worships.

October 23 night is Masik Shiva Ratri (Monthly Night of Shiva) during which time one honors Shiva (Almighty God). This is the Night of Shiva when it is customary to stay up all Night adoring the Supreme Being as Shiva, God as the Absolute Supreme Silent Self. It is said that on this Night the Absolute (Shiva) accepts the Creation as His own Nature--giving rise to the full awakening of Enlightenment as the Unity of Absolute and Relative.



October 20 is Rama Ekadashi. (see Vishnu times above). It is a day Holy to Lord Vishnu (Omnipresence of God as Love). It is traditional to fast and worship Lord Vishnu on this day. As told by Lord Krishna: This Ekadashi was observed by King Muchukunda's son-in-law who at first passed away from observing it so strictly through fasting.

But because of his devotion in doing the fast, a miracle happened and he was given a second chance to live and was even gifted with a magnificent kingdom looking like a celestial city-- nevertheless all this still had an element of impermanence because of some lack of faith in his observance.

However because of the devotion of his own wife for Lord Vishnu and the merits of her fasting on Ekadashi – she brought healing to her husband and made the impermanence of his city permanent. And the couple lived in fulfillment ever after.

Ekadashis celebrate the first time Lord Vishnu’s Shakti appeared to destroy a demon called Murari. Because the Shakti emerged on the 11 th Lunar day She was called Ekadashi. The Shakti in the narration of the story asked Lord Vishnu to grant the boon that whosoever worships Vishnu (and his Shakti) on the 11th Lunar day, be granted freedom from sin.



October 8 is celebrated as Sharada Purnima ( full Moon of the Lunar month of Ashwin). Many parents fast on such day, and offer Kheer (milk-rice pudding) to God on this day, for the good health and well- being of their children. It is believed that at this time amrit ( Divine rays of healing energy) shower the planet.

October 9 is Mirabai Jayanti―birth of the great 16 th Century poet and Krishna devotee Mirabai. In childhood she took Lord Krishna to be her true husband. She would keep a small figurine of Krishna as her beloved. Later when she married she would adore Krishna and sing to Him nights in a little Gazebo on her husband’s property.

Her husband became increasingly jealous thinking she was having an affair at night. Finally he cast her out of his home saying she should literally jump in the river. She obeyed this order and was about to jump in when Lord Krishna Himself appeared, and she swooned in His arms. When she awoke Lord Krishna said she was now free of her marriage and she could just spend the rest of her life adoring Him.

It is said that at the end of her life as Mirabai was adoring Krishna in company with her little Krishna figurine, a small door appeared in the statue and she became minute and disappeared into it, becoming One with Krishna.

October 9 is also Valmiki Jayanti or birth of Sage Valmiki. Valmiki authored the beautiful epic the Ramayana, which related the story or history of Lord Rama of the Solar Kings of the Vedic Age who lived on this earth about 1 million 700 thousand years ago.

Lord Rama was then accompanied by the Invincible Hanuman the Divine Monkey--a Rudra/Shiva Avatar. The story of Shri Rama and His battle with King Ravanna forms the substance of Valmiki's telling of the Ramayana.

Sage Valmiki was an incomparable poet in his expressions. His magnificent epic about lord Rama, Sita His wife, and Lakshmana His brother, together with Hanuman the great devotee has inspired countless generations to live the life of dharma --right action, and to lead the ideal of married life with love and devotion.

Naraka Chaturdashi is celebrated Oct. 23. It is also known as Kali Chaudas. Tradition is that on this day Maha-Kali (Mother Time) killed the demon called Naraka. On this day one worships Maha-Kali and tries to use this energy to abolish laziness and negativity.

October 24 is the Festival of Lights or Deewali Holy to Maha-Lakshmi (Mother Nature as Lady Good Fortune). At this time worship of Maha-Lakshmi is done to bring prosperity. The Holiday Festival is normally celebrated for 5 days. Since this day falls on New Moon day, tradition is to get up early and make offerings for one's ancestors, as well as to Ishta Devata (aspect of God closest to one).

(October 24 is also Kamala Jayanti, birth of special Venusian form of the Divine Mother Nature, one of the 10 aspects of wisdom (Maha Vidyas) of Maha-Kali, Mother Time. Kamala Devi actually can be said to also be Lakshmi form of Kali.)

October 25 is Govardhana Puja day honoring Lord Krishna’s feat of lifting Govardhana hill to protect His devotees the village of cowherds in Vrindavan from the wrath of Indra, the Law of Nature resposible for rain, storm and Lightening.

Lord Krishna at that time picked up the entirety of Govardhana hill and held it over his village to protect his devotees from the rain and lightening.

Bali Pratipad is also celebrated Oct. 25 to bring Blessings of Bali the Ancient Asura king of India. Bali honored Lord Vishnu Who appeared in His Dwarf incarnation as Vamana. Bali in his generosity allowed Vamana to take 3 steps to define the amount of Land He could have. The first step covered the known physical Universe, the second step the Subtle Celestial Universe, and then there was nowhere to go for Vamana. So Bali offered his own head for Vamana to step on.

Bali is also known to be one of the 8 immortals of India along with Markandeya, Parashurama, Ashwatthama, Vyasa, Hanuman, Vibheeshana, and Kripa.

October 26 is Yama Dvitiya. During this Holiday one honors Yama, the Great Angel or Deva of Transitions or Death, along with Chitragupta His scribe of the book of Life. Honoring Yama and Chitragupta brings Blessings of better health and longevity.

This time celebrates the occasion when Yamuna Devi (Divinity of the River Yamuna) fed her brother Lord Yama with sisterly love. It is said that sisters who feed their brother on this day will prosper in abundance.


Wishing everyone a Healthy and Productive month of October in the Year of 2022― may this time bring Greater Unity, Peace and Healing to All Mankind! And also may it bring perfection in your activities and goals!

Please note: Personal Jyotish readings are available by Dr. Herzberger to address specific issues in a person's Vedic Chart, with opportunity to balance planetary energies through yagyas (Vedic ceremonies) that he performs.

Dr. Herzberger also has a team of some of the finest pundits of India (a number of whom are professors emeritus of yagya and Jyotish at Varanasi, India) that have chosen to work with him as per very specific yagya instructions. Upon request he also has done yagyas in synergy with his team.

Monica, Dr. Herzberger's sister, is also available to do intuitive readings. Monica has helped people with her direct clarity of spiritual insight. She is skilled in pinpointing the nature of specific times. You might enjoy reading her Lunar Calendar for the month on her and Dr. Herzberger's website.

Dr. Herzberger's website is You can also read about yagya and Jyotish on this website. You can also read the Jyotish Trends for each month here. I encourage everyone to look here, as in practice it June not always be practical to send everyone an individual e mail with this information.

Dr. Herzberger also has published a paperback and e book special word by word Sanskrit translation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Foundation text of Yoga and Meditation. For those who wish to delve deeper into the psychology and philosophy of Enlightenment one can go to:

Copyright 2022 Henry G. Herzberger. All rights reserved.

Wishing everyone a Healthy and Productive month of  Year of 2022 ― May 2022 bring Greater Unity and Healing to All Mankind! And may it also bring perfection in your activities and goals!

Please note:  Personal Jyotish readings are available by Dr. Herzberger to address specific issues i n a person's Vedic Chart, with opportunity to balance planetary energies through yagyas (Vedic ceremonies) that he performs.

Dr. Herzberger also has a team of some of the finest pundits of India (a number of whom are professors emeritus of yagya and Jyotish at Varanasi, India) that have chosen to work with him as per very specific yagya instructions. Upon request he also has done yagyas in synergy with his team.

Monica, Dr. Herzberger's sister, is also available to do intuitive readings. Monica has helped people with her direct clarity of spiritual insight. She is skilled in pinpointing the nature of specific times. You might enjoy reading her Lunar Calendar for the month on her and Dr. Herzberger's website.

Dr. Herzberger's and Monica's website is You can also read about yagya and Jyotish on this website. You can also read the Jyotish Trends for each month here.  I encourage everyone to look here, as in practice it may not always be practical to send everyone an individual e mail with this information.

Dr. Herzberger also has published a paperback and e book special word by word Sanskrit translation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Foundation text of Yoga and Meditation.  For those who wish to delve deeper into the psychology and philosophy of Enlightenment one can go to:

You can also do the following simple search on Amazon Website to find the book: “Herzberger Yoga Sutras”.


Dr. Herzberger has published a paperback special word by word Sanskrit translation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Foundation text of Yoga and Meditation. For those who wish to delve deeper into the psychology and philosophy of Enlightenment one can go to:


Because everyone is concerned about the time we are in with world health and financial changes regarding issues caused by corona virus it seemed appropriate to give everyone a feel for the astrology of all this and timing of transformations, improvements etc.

The challenging times we are in are definitely reflected in the Jyotish— and I had been saying this for 6 years now.... even just three years ago had mentioned it will start Feb-March 2020. So had suggested to people during readings to be more self sufficient— have housing all set, extra food and water, and try to stay away if possible from downtown of major cities.

This was seen originally from the fact that Jupiter which reflects economy, banking world, stock market fortune and legal system was entering in March 2020 its weakest position of zodiac which lasted till mid July.

Jupiter then became stronger in Aug-Sep. 2020, and again will slide into weak position after first week of Nov. 2020 lasting till Nov. 2021.

The last time that Jupiter was in its weakest position of zodiac in Capricorn constellation was in 2008 with the housing market challenge.

In fact the astrology of every financial period which was challenging since the 1929 Great Depression involved Jupiter going into a weak position. However this year and next year it could be could seen that not only Jupiter was in weakest position or neecha, but it was also being purified by Saturn. So the intensity of the financial purification is greater than previously.

This configuration of Saturn and Jupiter being together in Capricorn where Saturn is strong purifying Jupiter where it is weak has not happened since the early 60’s.

The time we are in has some semblance to the 1961-1971 tremendous transformation of society. Even though 2020-2030 has similarities it is on a higher octave. That is a positive:

We had tremendous progress of many types of music (Elvis, Beatles, Opera, World music, etc.), also human rights (Civil Rights and Women’s Rights movement), progress in scientific technology including going to outer space, and amazing increase in spiritual movements such as meditation, yoga etc. , as well as establishment of new businesses—so materially, spiritually, artistically, scientifically and in human rights we had a kind of renaissance.

We also had our challenges such as Vietnam War and other wars, Cold War with potential for annihilation, as well as sadly the untimely death of leaders such as Kennedy and Martin Luther King among others.

So in the period 2020-2030 I see another renaissance coming, but on a higher level yet. And also we may have to face some challenges again as part of societies’ growth process.

In terms of the actual present year of 2020, what I had not foreseen is that the financial purification would also involve health of the world through the effects of a virus.

In addition what I had not realized is that starting Christmas 2019 to Jan. 12, 2020 —the Solar eclipse, Lunar eclipse and lining up of 7 planets in Sagittarius constellation including Saturn, Jupiter, Ketu, Mercury, Sun.—had not happened for millennia and would not happen for millennia again.

Experientially it was as if dimension to the Transcendent opened up while emotions were more sensitive. Such a huge transit of energies is a catalyst to create social changes for the next millennias.

We had what is called Kala Sarpa yoga of the planets— all planets between Rahu and Ketu, called the Serpent of Time— except for Moon which cycles around zodiac faster facing the Kala Sarpa alignment every time we get near to full Moon past months.

This Kala Sarpa yoga started dissipating after July 9... till then we were in its strong grip so to speak.

Aug-Mid Sep. Sun is powerful in Leo ..... At this time also Jupiter is back in Sagittarius, its Mula Trikona or root strength position, which helps the financial world as well. This helps some things in terms of trying to recover and sort things put from the impact of the corona virus of earlier this year. .

A Second phase of transformation then comes in: After elections first week of Nov- Nov. 2021 again Jupiter is in debilitation position. So again financial purification. However we will not have quite the same situation regarding Kala Sarpa yoga with 7 planets together in Sagittarius. There will be early next year another round of Kala Sarpa yoga, but not as intense. So hopefully it is a bit easier.... and end result after the dust settles is a stronger economy.

So my suggestion is to hang in there.... And then post election in Nov. this year we know that even common sense says we will be trying as a people to restore economic balance and make up for losses, but it may take a year.... as till Nov. 2021.

One more point— this summer we have had Mars nearer to out planet.... we were on the same side of Sun next to each other. So Mars intensity has been greater. You can see this in the riots etc. that have taken place as well as fires. Fortunately we are getting into Fall so things are going to cool down inwardly and outwardly.

Being aware of this extra Mars energy can help us to pacify extra Pitta or fiery energy which has built up.... through diet (cooling fruits like melon, grapes, ice cream, cool drinks, etc.) as well as by bath in cool water which pulls out excess heat from deep tissues. Also making am effort to not lose one’s temper by staying calm, meditating, and listening to soothing music.

From a larger picture :
This whole process of purification of the financial world and society is part of change that really started 3:30 AM PST on Dec. 21, 2012 when an 8 sec. pulse from the center of this galaxy, a pulse of Will from the Almighty Intelligence elevated every atom of our galaxy to higher dimension.... an ascension of galaxy which was predicted accurately to the minute by the Mayan Elders.

I can state unequivocally having experienced this in great detail at the exact moment it happened that we have entered a time of restoration Unity awareness starting from the finest atom level.

This event was also accurately predicted in Vedic texts as happening 5000 years after passing on of the King and Avatar Krishna —specifically stated the Brahma Vaivarta Purana.

In addition the Shrimad Bhagavatam Purana in Book 12 Chp 2 vs 24 predicted the official launching of the Age of Enlightenment or Golden Age lasting 10,000 years starting July 26, 2014– two years after the big event of 2012. It stated that we have begun the time of Kalki Avatar or time of purification... so that the outer world reflects the Golden Age as well. The Mayans also described this moment of July 25 -26, 2014 as opening up of all dimensions, a day outside of Time.

We happen to be living in this transformative time.... so from a greater perspective we are fortunate enough to participate in seeing a new renaissance of higher consciousness for humanity even though to get there and solve the present problems is challenging.

Some people have even commented that since this whole virus challenge started, people are now more with family, enjoying walks or Nature, resting more... coming to balance the hectic frenzy of life, and even the air is cleaner since fewer cars are on the road. We have also come to realize our vulnerability as humans thereby having a sense of Unification of our planet.... countries who looked at each other as villains now welcome aid as part of humanitarian efforts. We are all of us in this together —as our planet and solar system is flying one million miles an hour hurtling through space around the galaxy, kept intact by a Greater Divine Power... the Higher Intelligence of this cosmos...

It makes us humbler and unified in desire to see all good for everyone.... and trust all will work out if we have patience, persistence, and love one another.

Please stay healthy, patient, kind and helpful to your fellow human being (...kind to pets too)

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AUM is the Cosmic frequency of Creation ----the Nature of Ganesha SHRIM is the Glory of Creation, the Radiance of Divine Light which brings Prosperity HRIM is the Divine Vibration of the Heart which evokes the deepest value of Love in the Heart KLIM is the gathering together of the Wish in the Heart for Manifesting the object of Desire GLAUM is the Energy of congealing desire in terms of Ganesh Consciousness GAM is the vibration of Lord Ganesh----the Supreme Consciousness at the junction point between Absolute and Relative GANAPATAYE is honoring Ganapati which means the Lord of the Cosmic Vibrations VARA VARADA is appreciating Ganesha as the giver of All Boons SARVA JANAM is asking Ganesha to bring ability to have influence over all things ME VASHAMANAYA is asking Ganesh to grant oneself (ME) ability to have Mastership SVAAHAA means I offer my breath, my small self, to the big Self which is represented by Lord Ganesha

So the whole mantra means:
" AUM (I enliven in myself) the Divine Radiance/Light of Life, the Divine Vibration of Love in the Heart, the deepest desire of my Heart, Gathering my intention in terms of Thee Oh Ganesha, Sending forth the Energy of Manifestation (Gam), O Lord Ganapati (Father of the Divine Energies, the Angelic Forces) I offer my life breath to Thee the Self----may You grant me the Boon of Boons of having Mastership over All (phases of my life inner and outer). "
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