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Special forecasts include special information for the day in addition to the calendar. Go to the glossaries to read about the Nakshatra or Moon Sign.

About the Moon: The Moon travels through each zodiac constellation every 2 1/2 days. Also, each zodiac constellation contains several Moon Stars, called Nakshatras. The Nakshatras overlap among the constellations. There are 27 lunar mansions, or Nakshatras. For more information on what each sign and star means, visit the Moon Sign Glossary AND THE Moon Star Glossary
The Moon Stars for the day actually overlap each other.

See below for information about Tithis and the Moon Cycle
Krishna Paksha: Moon Waning Cycle of Moon going to New Moon
Shukla Paksha: Moon Waxing Cycle of Moon going to Full Moon
T = Tithi is the Moon Day, whether waning or waxing (see below) and the tithis are numbered (see below)
Moon Star: is the Nakshatra
Moon Sign is the Zodiac Constellation

Full Moon Full Moon
Last Quarter Moon Last Quarter Moon
New MoonNew Moon
First Quarter  First Quarter Moon

Find out the moon phases for the current month at moongiant.com

Find out the daily panchang at prokerala.com



Definitions: Paksha is the 14 day cycle the moon is in; the moon cycles 14 days through the month, and on the 15th day, it is either the full or new moon. The waning cycle which is the Moon going towards the New Moon is called Krishna Paksha, and the waxing cycle which is the Moon going towards the Full Moon is called Shukla Paksha. The full moon is called Purnima, and the new moon is called Amavasya. Tithis are the days throughout the 14 day cycle, and is used in the panchangam to determine activity types, and the (Moon Cycle) Devas (from Vedic) presiding over them (see below for explanation), in addition to auspicious and inauspicious times for the day based on Vedic astrology calculations. 


The various lunar days (tithis) (which are slightly shorter than solar days) are governed by various Devas. The Devas rotate around the new moon and full moon cycles as follows:  

The lunar month is divided into two Pakshas that determine the waning and waxing cycles of the moon. Krishna Paksha (new moon) waning moon cycle and the Shukla Paksha (full moon) waxing moon cycle.  


The tithis (lunar days)  are a fourteen day cycle, in addition to the new moon and the full moon. 
The Devas (Moon Cycle Devas) that preside over the lunar days (tithis) follow the same order, both for the new moon cycle and the full moon cycle. 
a. Amavasya--New Moon 
b. Purnima--Full Moon 
This is a 14 day cycle: in addition to the New Moon cycle and Full Moon 

New moon and full moon dates and the Devas follow the same order for both the new moon and full moon cycles, which are both a period of 14 days.
Tithis and the Devas:

Please note the tithis are listed for both for the waning and waxing cycles. The days can be more inauspicious (better time for reflection and not starting new projects or endeavors), or auspicious (time for creativity, projects, being social) according to vedic calculations for the day as well as what sign the moon is in and the positioning of the planets.

Presiding Devas of the Tithis for both Shukla (waxing) and Krishna (waning) Pakshas: 

Shukla Paksha (waxing) Ruling Planet Deva Activity
1) Pradipada Sun Brahma Religious
2) Dwitiya Moon Agni Planning
3) Tritiya Mars Vishnu Challenges
4) Chaturthi Mercury Ganesh Remove Obstacles
5) Panchami Jupiter Naga Health
6) Shashthi Venus Agni Social functions
7) Saptami Saturn Indra Planning, travel
8) Ashtami Rahu Rudra Improvements
9) Navami Sun Durga Projects
10) Dasami Moon Shiva Most activities
11) Ekadashi Mars Rudra Religious
12) Dwadashi Mercury Aditya Communication
13) Tryodashi Jupiter Kama/Rati Relationships
14) Chaturdashi Venus Kali Ceremonies
15) Purnima (Full Moon) Saturn Parvati Romance

Krishna Paksha (waning) Ruling Planet Deva Activity
16) Pradipada Sun Brahma Religious
17) Dwitiya Moon Agni Planning
18) Tritiya Mars Vishnu Challenges
19) Chaturthi Mercury Ganesh Remove Obstacles
20) Panchami Jupiter Naga Health
21) Shashthi Venus Agni Social functions
22) Saptami Saturn Indra Planning, travel
23) Ashtami Rahu Rudra Improvements
24) Navami Sun Durga Projects
25) Dasami Moon Shiva Most activities
26) Ekadashi Mars Rudra Religious
27) Dwadashi Mercury Aditya Communication
28) Tryodashi Jupiter Kama/Rati Relationships
29) Chaturdashi Venus Kali Ceremonies
30) Amavasya (New Moon) Saturn Lakshmi Creativity


A Note About The Moon
Emotions run deep like still water. The moon not only affects weather, tides and gravity on the Earth planet, but it influences our emotions. Emotions are in sync with moon transits as it travels through a new constellation every 2 1/2 days. You can refer to my Moon Sign Glossary for how the Moon affects us as it travels through the various Zodiac constellations. The Moon is associated with emotion, and the Mother. Nurturing feelings,turbulent feelings, confused feelings, feelings of love, warmth, and negative feelings and others are associated with the Moon. The Moon is associated with tides (water) and gravity, and underlying feelings.

Monday is Moon's day. The full moon is associated with peak of emotion and creativity. The moon building up to the full moon is the waxing moon, which builds upon creating new projects, building new relationships. When you want to increase action, best time to do it is during the waxing moon as the moon increases in strength. For waning actions, refer to the waning moon, which culminates in the new moon. During the waning moon that leads to the new moon, things wind down, and come to closure. Feelings and emotions are also related to closure.
The Daily Moon Star.The Moon star for the day will give you an idea on better activities for the day, and since the Moon Star is ruled by certain planets, you will also get the influence from those planets as well.  Click on the Moon Star Glossary about the quality or characteristics of that Nakshatra or Moon Star. The Moon Star is also ruled by the planets, and the day will not only have the influence of the Moon Star, but the ruling planet of the Moon Star, as well as the Moon Sign. 
Difference in application between the Daily Moon Star and the birth Moon Star: The Daily Moon Star is not to be confused with the birth Nakshatra or Moon Star. Of course they are the same 27 Lunar Mansions or Nakshatras or Moon Stars, yet the application is different. The Daily Moon Star will give the general flavor of the day, whereas your birth Nakshatra or Moon Star tells you your personality characteristics.  
Discover your birth Nakshatra personality characteristics by looking up your natal Moon Star in the Moon Star Glossary. The Nakshatra in your chart could influence personality and characteristics from the time of birth. See the Moon Star Glossary for more information. Please note that you will already need to know what your birth or natal moon star is before you can look up the characteristics of your birth moon star. For this, you will need to know your birth moon star from your chart. If you do not know your birth moon star, and would like my help in finding out what it is, feel free to email me at  

Find out the moon phases for the current month at moongiant.com
Link to a daily panchang at

MOON PHASES (go to the Moon Sign Glossary for more information about moon phases)
New Moon     NEW MOON is a time for reflection, renewal, relationships, rest.
         Full Moon     FULL MOON - creativity is at a peak; emotions flow.
         First Quarter     FIRST QUARTER MOON IS WAXING- a good time to begin projects, for business, building.                            Represents growth. In emotions, things come to a peak.
         Last Quarter Moon     LAST QUARTER MOON IS WANING- actions slow down, time for regrouping.

Click on the Moon Sign Glossary or Moon Star Glossary for their definitions and meanings.
Individual readings take into account many factors which might include very specific questions that you have about your life which are extensive in nature, and are personal and tailored to you. For instance, you may want to ask a question about your career or relationship that is specific to you. 
For questions on  readings, how they work, or to schedule one, please email me.
Dream interpretation is available! Email me at for more information!
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